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Gitta Saxx tried a pun: Oh, you poor mouse

Gitta Saxx tried a pun: Oh, you poor mouse
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Macron reports from quarantine with a video message
Member of the Bundestag expects sexist attacks
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Voutchkova had lost her violin on the train when she surprisingly had to get off in Düren on her way to a festival on the way from Cologne to Aachen, as she told the dpa. When she was looking for her luggage in a hurry, the case with her instrument suddenly disappeared – whether it was stolen or not is unclear. First the “” Süddeutsche Zeitung “” reported.

“” The violin has no financial value, but it means everything to me – as a musician who has played on it for 30 years, “” said the Berlin-based musician on Facebook. As a young girl, she had initially played the violin more often on loan in the house of an older musician. “” I fell head over heels in love with the violin, “says Voutchkova, who was later able to call the instrument her own. Her posts on Facebook and Instagram after the loss were shared thousands of times and also followed with great sympathy in the music scene.

“” I am incredibly grateful to have received so much trust and support, “” said Voutchkova. ““ That means so much to me. ”“ According to reports by the 47-year-old, there was also a message from composer Walter Zimmermann among the reactions. He offered her a work by violin maker Paul Alletsee as a replacement instrument. She is looking forward to playing on it, wrote Voutchkova. Zimmermann’s wife Nanne Meyer herself played the instrument as a violinist at a young age. Meyer is known today as a visual artist.

US singer Demi Lovato no longer wants to be ashamed of her body. On Instagram, she shows her fans an unretouched photo – and has an important message.

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The 27-year-old singer Demi Lovato, in her own words, faced her “” greatest fear “” – with an unedited bikini photo. “”Guess what? It’s cellulite !!!! “” she wrote on Instagram on Friday about a corresponding picture.

She is tired of being ashamed of her body and wanting to conform to the ideal of others. “” Yes, the other bikini photos were edited afterwards. I hate that I did it, but it’s true. “”

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“” So here I am: shameless, fearless and proud “”

The musician, who sings the song “” Sober “”, among other things, had repeatedly spoken in the past about psychological problems and drug addiction. Last year she underwent a drug addiction treatment.

She now wants to open a new chapter in her life and be authentic. “” So here I am: shameless, fearless and proud of a body that has been through a lot and will continue to amaze me if one day I hope to have a baby. “”

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She feels good in her skin and no longer stresses herself with “” crazy diet crap “”. “” I love myself. And you should love yourself too, “” Lovato wrote in her entry.

Sources used: Instagram profile of Demi Lovato news agency dpa

Most accidents happen in the household: Jenny Elvers has now experienced one of them and injured herself so badly with a knife that she had to be sewn. 

doing community service essay

That was it for now with the new hobby pole dance: Jenny Elvers has an injured hand and the kitchen knife was the culprit. She shared a picture of her association on Instagram.

The 48-year-old uses “” #DasBisschenHaushalt “” as an ironic hashtag for the photo of her bandaged hand. She writes: “” First of all, don’t play with the harp … boss kitchen knife !!! “” According to hashtags, the hand is freshly sewn – and now needs some rest to regenerate.

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Celebrities comment on the photo

Just a few days ago Elvers shared a picture of herself on a pole dance pole, which she was swinging along with her hands and legs. This has to end for the time being so that the hand can heal completely again.

Some celebrities commented on the picture of the injured hand. Gitta Saxx tried a pun: “” Oh, you ‘poor mouse! Get well soon. Let yourself be fed. “” And Jürgen Milski commented: “” Manno man. Knife, fork, scissors, light, is not for small children !! Get well soon!!””

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Over the past few years, Elvers has appeared repeatedly in various reality TV formats. Including the shows “” Promi Big Brother “” 2013, which she even won, “” Dancing on Ice “” and “” Ninja Warrior Germany “”.

Sources used: Instagram: Jenny Elvers

Philipp Amthor had promised it on Facebook and on “” Markus Lanz “”: his secret video response to YouTuber Rezo. But he failed to do so on his Instagram channel. Instead: self-promotion.

Expectations fueled, but not fulfilled: The young CDU member of the Bundestag Philipp Amthor has not published his secret response video to the CDU criticism of YouTuber Rezo. He had announced on Facebook that he would “” post a video on his new Instagram channel on Thursday that some have been waiting for a long time “”.

In the evening of the ZDF show “Markus Lanz” “he showed an excerpt and spoke to the moderator about the fact that he wanted to start publishing the video on the photo and video platform that night – or from” ” at least part of it “”.

“” Hi Rezo, you old destroyer “”

In the well-known outfit of an open white shirt and black suit, the 26-year-old sits in the video in front of a green school board with chemical formulas, perhaps at the teacher’s desk. “” Destruction of the CDU? Yes, lol ey. Hi Rezo, you old destroyer “”, says Amthor referring to the title of the Rezo video “” The Destruction of the CDU “”. Amthor had already revealed part of this opening of the great CDU counter-attack at an earlier “” Lanz “” appearance.

And there is not much more on Instagram. Because: Cut – and Amthor, now in front of the Reichstag building, says: “” Enough jokes. You didn’t seriously believe that I would post my Rezo response video here. “” This is followed by self-promotion for his Instagram channel.

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With “” Lanz “” he showed two or three more video sentences addressed to Rezo: “” As the youngest CDU member of the Bundestag, I want to tell you: You did not destroy my CDU. You also didn’t report on politics objectively. “” 

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 Otherwise Amthor only reveals what he wants to divulge with “” Lanz “”. He is asked whether the publication has been approved by the party leadership. The answer is that he did not consult with CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. But: “” It is collegial that we talk to each other. “” With whom – Amthor also owes the answer to questions as well as the rest of the video.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Brigitte Nielsen became a mom again in 2018. Little Frida is now a year old – and has grown pretty big, as the latest snapshot on Instagram shows.

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Brigitte Nielsen became a mother for the fifth time last year at the age of 54. After four sons, the actress gave birth to a girl. Daughter Frida is her pride and joy. Every now and then she shares a picture of the little ones on Instagram. 

The last photo that Brigitte Nielsen shows with her daughter is a bit older. The snapshot was taken on June 23rd. At that time, the small family celebrated Frida’s first birthday. Now, twelve weeks later, the girl is quite a bit taller.

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Brigitte Nielsen mourns the summer

The 56-year-old shared a photo of herself with her daughter on Instagram. Brigitte Nielsen is standing in the sea, looking into the distance. Little Frida wears a bikini, a headband and sunglasses on her nose. The actress wrote: “How can summer end tomorrow?” “An allusion to the beginning of autumn? It officially starts on September 23rd. 

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 Incidentally, the child’s father is her fifth husband Mattia Dessi. For him it is the first child, for Brigitte already the fifth. The 56-year-old already has four sons from three different men. Her eldest son is called Julian and is hardly any younger than her husband. Julian is 35, Mattia 40. The actress and the bartender met 15 years ago. In 2006, the couple then said yes.

Sources used: Brigitte Nielsen’s own research on Instagram

Ric Ocasek died of heart disease. The front man and singer of the US rock group The Cars turned 75. Before he died, he left an important message.

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The singer of the band The Cars died of cardiovascular disease, New York coroners said on Monday. He also suffered from emphysema and high blood pressure. The 75-year-old was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Sunday.

The singer has recovered after an operation at home, wrote Ocasek’s family on Instagram on Monday. When family members brought him his coffee on Sunday morning, he was no longer responsive. Family and friends were completely devastated by his “premature and unexpected death,” “it said.

He scribbled: “” Keep laughing “” and “” It is what it is “”

But apparently Ocasek has left one last message: his sons Jonathan and Oliver published the last drawing of the rocker in another Instagram post. You can see an abstract black and red sketch on which Ocasek had written “” Keep laughing “” and “” It is what it is “”.

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“” Our father was a prolific scribbler, “” wrote the sons. “” Yesterday we found that last scribble on his chair. He couldn’t know what it would ultimately mean to us. “” 

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The new wave band The Cars became known in the 1970s and 1980s with songs like “” Just What I Needed “” and “” My Best Friend’s Girl “”. After the breakup in 1988, Ocasek continued solo.

Sources used: AFP news agency, Instagram account of his ex-wife Paulina Porizkov

Ellie Goulding is struggling with strong mental problems, as she has now announced on Instagram. The megastar suffers from the so-called impostor syndrome. That is what the disease is about.

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The British singer Ellie Goulding has just tied the knot at the art dealer Caspar Jopling in a romantic ceremony in York Minster. Outwardly she was overjoyed and then said: ““ I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. ”“ But inside Goulding seems anything but good, as she is now announcing in another Instagram post.